Potential weak spots in the primary circuit in Block 1 of the Temelin nuclear plant in the Czech Republic

Short advisory statement on behalf of the Alliance 90/The Greens parliamentary group in the Bundestag
1 What key statements can and cannot be made on the basis of the documents currently available on the (lack of) security of Welding Seam 1-4-5 in Block 1 of the Temelin nuclear power plant?
1.1 The facts according to the documents currently available and to information gathered in various meetings
1.2 Assessment of facts
2 What documents are required to prove the safety of this weld, and is there a possibility that specific gaps in the documentation cannot be closed?
3 What would need to be publicly disclosed or done in order to reliably prove the flawlessness of the weld in question?
4 Has there been a case in Germany where specific gaps in documentation have forced the replacement of components in nuclear power plants?
5 References
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